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Octubre 1999
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This Regional Law regulates management and conservation of water for the purpose of use of water, protecting water from pollution, management water basins, and protection from flood and erosion and other negative impact of water. Within this framework it also provides for tasks, functions, powers or rights of bodies of the Tuzla Canton, municipalities, and other legal entities and citizens. The Act shall apply to surface waters, water springs, natural lakes, and water in artificial accumulations, retentions and lakes, underground waters and thermal and mineral waters. Territorial units for water management are water areas and basin areas. Article 9 and following provide for the water-economy basis, a basic instrument of water resources management and conservation planning. Articles 17 to 29 concern other matters of public administration and the management of various water-economy structures for drainage and irrigation, sewerage, fish farms, water protection, and various types of supply of water. Article 30 prohibits various activities on waters and shores. Article 32 and following provide for the issuing or granting of “water economy acts” i.e. water-economy conditions, water-economy agreements, water-economy licences or water-economy orders. Other provisions concern water economy agreements, drinking water, protection form water pollution (art. 57 and following), the Cantonal Council for Waters, the Directorate of Waters (art. 61), financing of water management and conservation, supervision over implementation of provisions of the Law, limitations to the rights of owners, or users of the land, construction, use, protection, maintenance, management of water-supply structures in rural settlements, water conservation zones and miscellaneous matters. (112 articles divided into 13 Parts)

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