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Community Organizations Tshintsha Amakhaya
Tshintsha Amakhaya
Tshintsha Amakhaya
Civil Society Organization
Non Governmental organization

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Sithandiwe Yeni


266 Lower Main Road
Salt River
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
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Tshintsha Amakhaya is a civil society alliance for land and food justice in South Africa. Rural women and men stand united in solidarity to advance their rights and secure livelihoods.

Our members are farm workers, farm dwellers, smallholder farmers, fisher folk, forest dwellers, livestock keepers, people on communal land and people on church land



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Op-Ed: Will replacing white farm owners with black farm owners address inequalities?

Institutional & promotional materials
Junio, 2017

Debates about land redistribution from white farm owners to black hands tend to be silent on the question of farm dwellers. This is despite the fact that over two million black people are estimated to be living on commercial farms. Many residents have lived on commercial farms for generations, and they are arguing that their plight should be at the centre of land debates, and that redistribution of commercial farmlands must deliver primarily to them. By SITHANDIWE YENI. 

Op-Ed: Putting land at the heart of radical economic transformation – a perspective from the ground

Institutional & promotional materials
Marzo, 2017

The dominant debates about land in South Africa often focus on the transfer of land from a few white hands to the black majority. The discussion seldom unpacks who constitutes the “black majority” as this is not a homogeneous group. In instances where the debate touches on land use, again the focus is often limited to agricultural production and whether or not small-scale farmers are productive. This narrow framework clearly has to be broadened and we need to ask deeper and more strategic questions than the ones we have been asking.

Memorandums - Videos - Activities: Mayibuye iAfrika! Caravan Campaign

Reports & Research
Diciembre, 2016

In 2013, South Afrika marked its 100 years without natives land. Then, Tshintsha Amakhaya (TA) - launched the Mayibuye iAfrika Campaign in 2011 at a national land reform workshop. The Campaign was intensified in 2013 - the centenary of the 1913 Native Land Act – through local actions, platform discussions, and country-wide events. The 2013 Campaign was aimed at amplifying the voices of rural women and men through supporting and connecting local struggles for land and agrarian transformation.


THE AGRARIAN RURAL HOUSEHOLD ECONOMY: Status report on livelihoods, rights, and land use in selected sites.

Reports & Research
Diciembre, 2016

Tshintsha Amakhaya (TA) is an action learning platform for civil society organisations that support local community struggles in land and agrarian reform. Through action research, campaigns, and building active participation, the TA alliance seeks to enhance rural people’s capacity to secure and realise their livelihoods and rights and to promote alternative models of land tenure and agricultural production for food sovereignty.