A time to change? The supply of climate mitigation products from land-use change in northern NSW | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2010
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With the impending introduction of an Australian Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, farmers andlandholders in rural Australia have increased opportunities to participate in the market. This includes theadoption of land-use change to sequester additional carbon in exchange for carbon credits and theproduction of a renewable energy source (biofuels). However, these land-use changes compete withexisting farm enterprises and may contain significant transaction costs. Therefore it is necessary for theinstitutional arrangements to provide adequate incentives for landholders to adopt these land-usechanges. This paper examines the potential supply of these land-use changes for climate mitigation fromlandholders in a northern NSW catchment. These results will allow further investigation of how incentivestructures and policy instruments may be developed to increase the supply of these goods fromlandholders.

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Moss, Jonathan
Cacho, Oscar J.
Mounter, Stuart W.

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