“Sucha Góra” (“Trockenberg”)—The Triangulation Point Doomed to Be Forgotten? | Land Portal

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Febrero 2021
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The current study documents the importance of research on preserved artifacts which were previously used to take measurements of the Earth, and their importance for cultural heritage. The article reviewed the available source documents presenting the history of the astrogeodetic control point of Sucha Góra-Trockenberg as a monument of the first order triangulation network, preserved in cartographic materials and as the starting point of local geodetic networks, used in mining until 2000 in the so-called Upper Silesian Coal Basin, located in the territory of Poland and the Czech Republic. In order to determine the history of the triangulation work and the dates that the geographic coordinates of the peak were determined, field journals and other available materials were analyzed. The interesting location of this astrogeodetic control point, being in the vicinity of a UNESCO site, as well as its location in a forest and park complex, justify undertaking activities related to the conservation and promotion of this cultural heritage site.

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Lamparska, Marzena
Danch, Mirosław


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