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Armenian National Agrarian University is the only higher educational institution that educates specialists for agrarian sphere. ANAU has passed a glorious scientific and educational road, and the University is proud of its graduates who serve for the welfare and prosperity of our country. Issues concerning the improvement and development of higher education, as well as the quality and utility of research works have always been a priority for the University authority and the personnel. Due to already formed traditions and achieved accomplishments, the University is considered to be one of the leading and outstanding educational institutions in our country.



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Multicriteria land suitability evaluation in Damghan Plain for barley by using GIS

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Diciembre, 2010

The study area chosen is Damghan Plain, in Iran and covers an area of 5400 hectares.The methodology used for the physical land suitability analysis is a multi-criteria evaluation based on FAO land evaluation framework. The methodology consists of matching soil/land qualities against barley needs and assigning suitability rating to each land characteristic. The results show that 15.88% of the area is S2 (moderately suitable) and 26.55% S3 (marginally suitable) and 57.57% and N (Not Suitable) for Barley crop.