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Artículos de revistas y libros
Mayo 2018

A stalemate over activation of an online platform that may exclude lawyers from the multi-billion shilling land conveyancing business has been referred to a soon-to-be formed taskforce.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Enero 2018

Four years ago, I was part of a research team looking at access to land and basic services in informal settlements.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Mayo 2016

Kenya’s unprecedented urbanisation rate offers major opportunities, but also puts to the test the new Constitution’s declaration to make access to basic services a basic right for all Kenyans.

What opportunities? Globally, the fastest, most diversifying economic growth and service extensions often occur in urbanising countries.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Agosto 2011

The cost of buying land and homes is set to rise significantly as the market factors in new valuation charges that have more than doubled for most asset classes.

Lands minister James Orengo introduced the new charges through an amendment to the forms and fees section of the Valuers Act, paving the way for their application in the property market beginning this month.

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