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Forced Migration Online
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Forced Migration Online (FMO) provides online access to a diverse range of resources concerning the situation of forced migrants worldwide. By bringing together this collection of useful and time-saving resources, our primary aim is to support and facilitate research and policy making in the field.

The FMO collection adheres to international standards for organizing, managing and displaying information about the resources included in its collection.

The website is coordinated by a small team, based at the Refugee Studies Centre, Department of International Development, University of Oxford. 



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FMO Research Guide: Burma

Reports & Research
Julio, 2003

Historically underdeveloped and divided, Burma today is politically isolated, increasingly militarised, economically mismanaged by its own authorities, and socially and culturally divided along ethnic, religious, and language lines. Following independence from Britain in 1948, parties representing the ethnic minority population have been struggling for greater autonomy from the central Burmese regime.

Guide to forced migration resources on the Web

Reports & Research

Updated July 2006...
"This guide provides examples of the types of resources that will eventually be included in the RSC portal, or Forced Migration Online. It is not an exhaustive inventory..." Contents: I. Purpose; II. Background and Overviews;

- Starting Points:
- Introduction to the Issues/Definitions of Key Terms;
- Country Profiles;

III. Finding Out about Research: