Land Governance Transformation Network of South Africa | Land Portal


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LGTN is a recently formed network that has been established to raise awareness in public discourse about property rights and land governance. As a collective and as individual members, the network seeks to inject the national conversation with innovative ideas and concepts about securing tenure rights by drawing from research evidence on the ground as well as models being tried or tested in  the country and elsewhere in Africa and the world.

The network aims to:

  • expand official and popular understanding of what is required to bring about substantive shifts in the national recognition of property rights for those all whose tenure rights are not fully legally recognised
  • promote the development of a common land administration and records system to serve offregister tenure rights in a range of contexts
  • engage in continuous learning; training; evaluation of local and international models; design and implementation of pilots projects and trials
  • advocate for government to design and implement sustainable models of land  administration to secure tenure rights for all rights holders in South Africa
  • advocate for the design of new curricular on these matters for teaching in tertiary institutions and in the relevant academic departments such as geomatics and law

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