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Known for being a trendsetter in higher education and applied research internationally, the Namibian University of Science and Technology (NUST) aims to become the leading university in Africa. The Department of Land and Property Sciences (DLPS) offers relevant degrees at undergraduate and post-graduate level including master and doctorate degrees. The Department of Land and Property Sciences (DLPS) at NUST together with the Integrated Land Management Institute (ILMI) are playing a leading role in research and outreach in the field of land governance and administration.

The purpose of NELGA (Network of Excellence for Land Governance in Africa) is to enhance the role of selected African Universities and academic institutions in support of land policy development, implementation and monitoring. NUST was selected as a NELGA node for Southern Africa, because of its proven leadership and track record in academic education, training and research on land governance. To date NUST as a regional NELGA node has granted 6 scholarships (4 masters and 2 PhD’s) on land governance via the DAAD scholarship. The node is in the processes of identifying partner institutions for full implementation of the NELGA activities. One of the key work packages is to establish a regional node for NELGA Southern Africa.

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Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre, 2006

Theory and seaborne measurements are presented for the near infrared (NIR: 700–900 nm) water-leaving reflectance in turbid waters. According to theory, the shape of the NIR spectrum is determined largely by pure water absorption and is thus almost invariant. A ‘‘similarity’’ NIR reflectance spectrum is defined by normalization at 780 nm. This spectrum is calculated from seaborne reflectance measurements and is compared with that derived from laboratory water absorption measurements. Factors influencing the shape of the similarity spectrum are analyzed

Library Resource
Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre, 2004

Spring mean and maximum chlorophyll a (chl a) concentrations are main factors to determine the eutrophication status of the Belgian waters as agreed within OSPAR in 2002. Other important assessment parameters to measure the degree of nutrient enrichment - the amounts of inorganic

Library Resource
Diciembre, 2003

In the light of the global discussion on

reducing public and private expenditure on

cadastral processes and services, this

article reviews the transaction costs of

land registration, based on data gathered in

Namibia. The data show a large

differentiation in the types of costs

incurred in the process, as well as various

levels of cost recovery. In addition, the

degree to which delays in the operational

registration processes influence the total

cost to land developers and landowners is


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