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Community Organizations Phuhlisani NPC
Phuhlisani NPC
Phuhlisani NPC
Non-profit organization

Focal point

Dr Rick de Satge
Phone number


85 Durban Rd, Mowbray
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
Postal address
PO Box 12915
Cape Town
Working languages
Affiliated Organization

LandNNES is the Land Network National Engagement Strategy

Phuhlisani began as a consultancy started by a group of people who wanted to support emerging farmers who obtained access to land through land reform programmes in South Africa. In 2015, after 12 years in operation as a Closed Corporation, the members of the company decided to convert Phuhlisani to a Non-Profit Company which took place in October 2015.

Phuhlisani NPC provides comprehensive services and support for sustainable land reform and rural development including:

  • Research and strategy development at national, provincial district and local scales.
  • Providing development facilitation and conflict resolution services in complex and contested development settings.

  • Providing individual project planning and implementation support.

  • Supporting rights determination, strengthening land holding institutions and helping develop functional land rights management systems.

  • Developing and strengthening associations representing people acquiring land through the land reform programme.

  • Designing comprehensive capacity development strategies and materials.

  • Facilitating learning process approaches within institutions and across development programmes.

  • Market scoping, agricultural enterprise development and joint venture formation.

Phuhlisani has adopted a trans-disciplinary approach to its work. This involves breaking down the boundaries between so called hard and soft skills, specialist and local knowledge.

The organization believes that this helps to identify solutions which are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable in a context where land and agrarian reform, the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and pro poor rural development take place within an increasingly complex and contested national and international environment.



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A review of policy and practice impacting on the provision of farm worker housing, access to services and security of tenure

Reports & Research
Noviembre, 2016

This report prepared for the Laborie Dialogue Initiative (LDI) draws on a recent review of the
literature and empirical research conducted for the Cape Winelands District Municipality; analysis of
farm worker tenure security conducted for the High Level Panel appointed by Parliament which has
been supplemented by further desktop research and policy analysis. The report also reviews current
tax, VAT and rates regimes and the ways in which these influence employers’ willingness to invest in

A review of the literature on farmworker housing, access to services and tenure security on and off farms in the Cape Winelands District Municipality

Reports & Research
Junio, 2016

This literature review aims to situate farm labour within the particular history of the development of agriculture in the Cape while providing a critical assessment of the changing approaches to thinking about farm workers and their socio-economic needs by employers and the state. The review aims to provide a knowledge baseline from which to distil key questions to guide an applied process of research and social dialogue in the Cape Winelands District and beyond

Key issues impacting on farm worker housing, access to services and tenure security in the Cape Winelands

Reports & Research
Junio, 2016

This report for public comment presents and analyses key issues arising from extensive interviews
conducted with workers on and off farm, individual employers, representatives of organised
agriculture, trade unions, NGOs, worker support organisations, municipal councillors and officials
together with representatives from provincial government departments. It sets out options for a
strategy to address farm worker housing and related needs.

South Africa's living law jurisprudence

Diciembre, 2015

Nolundi Luwaya examines how the laws affecting rural citizens in South Africa fit together. She examines the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act and highlights key sections of the Act including the requirements for establishment of Traditional Councils, the status and role of traditional leaders. She reviews contested legislation including the Communal Land Rights Act, struck down by the Constitutional Court and the Traditional Courts Bill which threatened to turn rural citizens in the former bantustans into chiefly subjects.

The stubborn feudal in us: Rural struggles from late colonialism to a neo-apartheid South Africa

Diciembre, 2015

This presentation provides a historical overview of the role of the state in maintaining feudal structures and examines the roles and powers of tribal chiefs in post 1994 laws. It examines rural popular struggeles to challenge unaccountable tribal rule in the 1980s and the role of chiefs in the transition to democracy in South Africa