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Gillian Caldwell is the CEO of Global Witness which investigates, exposes and advocates to end corruption and environmental and human rights abuses associated with natural resource extraction. She is an attorney and filmmaker, and formerly served as Campaign Director for 1Sky (now merged with, a collaborative campaign that pushed for US action to tackle global warming. For a decade she was the Executive Director of WITNESS, which was co founded by musician Peter Gabriel and advances the use of video to highlight human rights abuses. Prior to that she led an international undercover investigation into trafficking women into forced prostitution. She is co-editor and author of Video for Change, received her BA from Harvard University and a J.D. from Georgetown University. She is a recipient of numerous awards and honors including Ashoka, Skoll and Schwab awards for social entrepreneurship.



Global Witness exposes the hidden links between demand for natural resources, corruption, armed conflict and environmental destruction


Many of the world’s worst environmental and human rights abuses are driven by the exploitation of natural resources and corruption in the global political and economic system.  Global Witness is campaigning to end this. We carry out hard-hitting investigations, expose these abuses, and campaign for change.  We are independent, not-for-profit, and work with partners around the world in our fight for justice.

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