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Documentos de conferencias e informes
Diciembre 2017
Asia occidental

This report was produced in the frame of the Project titled “Sustainability and Operationalization of Established Regional Agricultural Research Centers in Five Arab Countries”, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development and implemented by ICARDA.

Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2017
Asia occidental

This report summarizes the work done during 2017 to elaborate a typology of the SWC and WH structures implemented in the Badia rangelands, based on both literature and remote sensing evidence, as part of Activity A6.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Mayo 2019
África septentrional

Tunisia, like many other countries, suffers from land degradation. Conservation agriculture is among the proper solutions to overcome this issue. The objective of our investigation is to determine the factors that influence the adoption of CA in Siliana, one of Tunisia’s most affected regions by erosion.

Documentos de conferencias e informes
Julio 2016
Asia meridional

Nomadic pastoralism is a precarious lifestyle and a significant form of land use involving some form of mobility within extensive rangeland areas (WISP, 2007). Pastoralism provides 10% of the world’s meat production and supports approximately 200 million households worldwide (FAO, 2001).

Documentos de conferencias e informes
Marzo 2016
África oriental

The goals of this review are to: (i) identify options with proven success and high potential for up-scaling in Ethiopian drylands, (ii) analyze factors underlying relative success in different agro-ecologies and under different institutional conditions, and (iii) assess options that may have high potential in areas and systems without well proven successful options.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Julio 2015
Asia occidental

Land degradation resulting from improper land
use and management is a major cause of declined productivity
in the arid environment. The objectives of this study were
to examine the effects of a sequence of land use changes,
soil conservation measures, and the time since their implementation
on the degradation of selected soil properties.

Documentos de conferencias e informes
Marzo 2015
Asia central

Agro-ecosystems in dry areas are sensitive to changes in climate
and land use. The productivities of these agro-ecosystems are
highly variable in both spatial and temporal scales. Accurate and
up-to-date information on these production systems at farmscape to
landscape scales are important for understanding the food security

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