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The Land Portal is a Foundation registered in the Netherlands in 2014.

The vision of the Portal is to improve land governance to benefit those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness through information and knowledge sharing.


Dates and times:
Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 (10:00AM- 11:00 AM CET)
Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 (3:00PM - 4:00PM CET)


Acknowleding the spatial character of land tenure and management, the Land Portal has recently launched GeoPortal. The GeoPortal visualizes datasets already available on the Land Portal and compiles spatial datasets of importance to the land sector.  More specifically, the GeoPortal is accessible and usable, geared specifically to non-GIS experts from local communities, development agencies, policy makers and researchers. It provides an opportunity for all those interested in land data, not just data scientists, to interact with data in its spatial form. Data on the GeoPortal transcends national borders, moving beyond country boundaries. Our aim with the GeoPortal is to move away from siloed and top-down approaches to data and to democratize all information, including spatial information. 

In these interactive feedback sessions, we invite each and every one of you to give us your thoughts on the GeoPortal's functionality and usability.  No spatial data knowledge is necessary and user statements will be acquired during the session in polls and through immediate feedback.   For your convenience, we have organized two feedback sessions, in order to include colleagues from a variety of different time zones and geographic locations.  For more information, click on the links below! 

Register for the first webinar (March 25th, 2020)

Register for the second webinar (April 2nd, 2020)


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