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Since 2019, the Land Portal has been using data stories as a way to demonstrate how combining data with engaging, memorable and persuasive narratives that can empower communities to tell their stories to the world. 




The workshop "Using Data to Tell Compelling Stories About Land" featured a selection of  data stories published by the Land Portal, including from winners of the 2021 Data Story Contest and from the Land Portal's data team.  Panelists presented their data stories and reflected on collaboration with the Land Portal on writing and sharing an effective story, exploring how to create compelling stories by combining narratives with data, visuals, graphics, and other forms of media.




  •  Dr. Konrad Hentze, GIS expert Land Portal, is interested in the use of GIS and Remote Sensing in the dispute of conservation, agricultural development and equal land rights. Currently, he is focussing on normative aspects and narratives within Geospatial analysis for interdisciplinary land science. 
  • Diana Wachira, Program Officer Pajoma Trust, is an urban and regional planner by profession, with a bachelor's degree from the University of Nairobi, having been trained in spatial and analysis software including SPSS, GIS, AutoCAD and Archicad as well as the MS Packages.
  • Auta Azevedo, Member of,is a Doctoral candidate of Anthropology, a member of MABI (Movement Breaking Invisible Barriers of Coque) and a member of (Coletivo de fotografas do Coque), as well as a popular feminist educator.
  • Dr. Manuel Enrique Pérez Martinez, Professor at the University Javeriana of Colombia, holds a Doctorate in Territorial Studies from the Universidad de Caldas, as well as Master in Planning and Administration of Regional Development from the Universidad de Los Andes.
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