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As part of the 10th anniversary commemoration of the CFS VGGT, the Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division (ESP) of the FAO has organized a technical event composed of a series of round table discussions to critically reflect on obstacles encountered globally on VGGT’s uptake, political and economic challenges, and how to address them; to reflect on the different pathways to achieve change at scale building on the lessons learnt on VGGT applicability; to stimulate discussion on the applicability of the VGGT in related fields and finally, to reflect of how to improve accountability towards their implementation, including the development of a Global Land Observatory.  

The objective of this session, organized by the FAO, is to create a common ground for discussion to the entire event, by providing an overview of the uptake, impacts and gaps of VGGT application, emerging from various assessment conducted by different organizations directly involved in the application, dissemination and use of the VGGT at country level. 

The speakers will highlight the results of the assessment/analysis they have conducted, including the scope, audience, geographical coverage, and the main results. They will also elaborate on the main shortcomings or limitations that emerged. The ultimate objective is an open discussion between partners and the audience  on the impact of the VGGT 10 years later: what have we learned, what can we  do better, where are the evident needs, gaps, and unmet expectations.

The event will be organized in a hybrid format, with speakers and attending either in-person at IFAD HQ or joining virtually via Zoom (link to be shared soon).Kindly note that available space is limited. Any participant who would like to attend in-person should send an email to sends e-mail)

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