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Neil Sorensen, neil.sorensen@landportal.org

At TMG — Töpfer, Müller, Gaßner — Think Tank for Sustainability, we work to empower sustainability transformations by building bridges between different knowledge holders and connecting various communities of  practice. As an independent partner, TMG works with academia,  governments, the private sector and civil society to examine entrenched sustainability challenges, identify new opportunities and initiate innovative solutions for the implementation of international sustainable development agendas. 


We, family farmers’ organisations and associations for the defence of the commons, propose to open up a new space for global exchanges. It’s objective? To contribute to the broadening of citizen alliances, in order to advance national and international regulations which are essential to protecting and supporting rural, fishing and forest communities and their resource uses against land-grabbers.

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CFS Side Event

Friday, 27 October; 13.30 – 14.45 (UTC+2)

In the Green Room at the FAO Headquarters & via Zoom

Escalating pressure on food systems and land use, climate change and eroding respect for human rights have led to a deepening global crisis in the recognition and protection of tenure rights, which are essential for food security and livelihoods for millions of people. Progress towards achieving SDG target 1.4 on equal rights to ownership and control over land and other resource is off track. The VGGT provide the guiding global framework for good land governance, but urgent and coordinated global action is needed to mobilise political commitment and investment to achieve tenure security for all. 
This event will bring together a wide range of CFS actors to present the case for more coordinated global action to advance tenure security. It will present proposals for a multistakeholder global campaign and draft Framework for Action. It will show how a focus on human rights compliance in land governance through systematic monitoring and policy dialogue can promote VGGT implementation and increase accountability. It will provide examples of cost-effective measures to advance tenure security such as coordinated land data efforts. And it will present examples of local and regional struggles for land and the ambition for an International Forum on Land Struggles. 


  • Raise understanding of the global crisis and trends in tenure security;   
  • Set out the case for prioritising action on tenure security and access to land and the need for more coordinated global action; Build understanding of what a human rights-based approach to land governance is and how human rights can be leveraged to ensure accountability for VGGT implementation; 
  • Set out ideas and proposals to mobilise better data and coordinated, multi-stakeholder action;   
  • Make the case for land struggles and put access to land and agrarian reform back on the agenda of the international institutions. 


  • Gemma Betsema, RVO
  • Annette Mbogoh, Kituo cha Sheria- Legal Advice Centre
  • Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal Foundation
  • Ward Anseeuw, FAO
  • Chris Penrose-Buckley, FCDO
  • Ramesh Sharma, National Coordinator of Ekta Parishad

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