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What is the Land Portal?

The Land Portal is a platform for networking, sharing land related information, monitoring trends and identifying information gaps to promote effective and sustainable land governance.

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 Why register as a user?

Only registered users may see other member profiles and utilize all the functionalities the Land Portal has to offer.

For registration choose the Join the Portal button on the main menu.

During the registration you will be asked to subscribe to our newsletter. This newsletter is a service to our users that  informs you about upcoming  events and activities surrounding the Land Portal, the most recent publications and the most read documents. It presents some of the faces, facts and figures behind the land portal. You can unsubscribe from this service anytime.

You will also be asked to join a group. These working groups bring together users interested in similar topics or working in the same field (e.g. as a researcher or activist).

After having completed the registration, you will receive an e-mail notification that your account has been activated. User authorization may take up to three days.

After your account has been authenticated, you may complete your profile. Upload your photo and share your personal details, which will make it easier for other users to network with you. If you tag your profile with your interests,  colleagues with shared interests will be better able to connect with you.


What are the main functionalities of the Land Portal?

Browse and search content on the Land Portal: Browse the information on the site by region or country, organization, user, or topic using the navigation tabs. You can also simply go to the search page. The filter functions will help you find  specific documents, news, events, multimedia and publications uploaded or linked by other users on a whole range of issues.

The Land Portal enables you to search for organizations and individuals already registered.  Users may view profiles, contact other users, send messages, ask questions or join a discussion.

Join a group: You can join a topic, such as gender, forestry or food security, or user group, including  activists and researches. As a member of the group, you will receive notifications about group content or discussions launched.

Upload and rate content: The Land Portal enables you to share content with other users. You can add anything related to land issues, from job opportunities and events to research and policy documents.. Highlight countries, themes and reference organizations with a tag to make it easier for other users to find your content.

If you are logged in, there are two ways to upload content:

Use the top bar with the five green buttons under + Share Information, or use the blue bar at the bottom that has links to all activities you can perform on the page. Find a short tutorial on how to share your resources and information Here.

Comment on content or start a discussion: Once you establish your account, you may post comments on most content. In addition, you may contact the author or simply voice your opinion on a particular issue by starting a new discussion.


Do I have to fill out all information on the web forms?

No. There are only very few mandatory fields. BUT: The more information you add the easier it will be for others to find the information - in particular add regions and countries, as well as categories and tags. 

Find a short tutorial on how to successfully complete your profile Here.


How is quality control ensured on the Land Portal?

1) Modifications to some content types are restricted by users others than the initial author, such as organizational profiles or projects.

2) The coordination team constantly screens new information. Over time, this process will be decentralized within the partner network. Land Portal  partners will take responsibility for ensuring quality based on a list of criteria, including relevance, quality and correct tagging.

3) The rating carried out by the user community will help to establish peer-to-peer quality control.


How do I submit feedback and comments?

There are several ways you may submit feedback:

1) Click a feedback button in the lower right-hand corner. A separate window will open where you can enter your message. This message goes directly to the Land Portal coordination team.

2) Send a mail directly from your mail account to hello@landportal. info

3) Pose a question on the feedback discussion thread. Find it on the discussion page.


How are copyrights and knowledge ownership guaranteed?

When users register must agree to both the privacy policy and the terms of use where they declare that:

1) They have the right to distribute the submitted information, and

2) Information uploaded is shared through a creative commons license, unless declared otherwise.

Data shared on the Land Portal remains property of the original author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Land Portal partnership.


Who is behind the Land Portal?

The Land Portal is a partnership of more than 50 organizations.  Go to the partners and sponsors page to learn more about the partnership.

For any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact Laura Meggiolaro, Land Portal coordinator (


Any other questions?

Please share any questions not answered here  on the questions and suggestions discussion

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