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Bhumi Bondhu: A window of securing land right

BRAC Bangladesh
mar 11, 2019

Nurul Islam, a teacher by profession lived in a village called Bhatiyapara located in Chakla Union under Parnchagarh Sadar sub district. He inherited some land from his father and also purchased some land using his life’s savings. Although well-versed and educated, he had no knowledge on land related issues. Hearing about people suffering due to their land related problems, Nurul Islam decided to get his lands mutated, fearing this might be a big concern for him in the future. He got in touch with one of the middlemen who promised to facilitate his land mutation, as he could not get the process done alone due to his lack of knowledge on land.  The middleman in the meantime had taken a lot of money from Nurul Islam but his lands were not getting mutated. One day Nurul Islam met BRAC Bhumi Bondhu’s Manager of that area, at a local tea stall and came to know about Bhumi Bondhu’s services. Nurul Islam shared his difficult experiences , informing the manager on how much money he had spent, the process still being incomplete.

The Bhumi Bondhu Manager advised Nurul Islam to visit the local Bhumi Bondhu office, which was close to his village in Panchagarhm, and to arrive with all his lands papers. On verifying the documents, the Manager informed Nurul Islam that his father’s land did not have proper records. Nurul Islam requested Bhumi Bondhu Manager to help him in obtaining these. The Manager applied for certified copy of records of Nurul Islam’s father’s lands and collected the records in a few days.  The Bhumi Bondhu Manager took Nurul Islam to the Assistant Commissioner Land office and applied for the Land Mutation. While the Manager applied for the records, he also took care of all other formalities which were required for the mutation application. After submitting the application, Nurul Islam received his mutated Khatiyan within a few weeks and his process was complete. Currently Nurul Islam is leading a peaceful life, as all his land related documents are up to date.

Nurul Islam thanked Bhumi Bondhu for its cordial support and said that if Bhumi Bondhu is there to support others regarding their land related issues, then there will be no scope and ability for middlemen to take advantage of people in the future.   



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