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Transparency International (TI) is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. TI’s Land and Corruption in Africa programme has worked in collaboration with national chapters from across the continent to research instances and drivers of land corruption, and to develop innovative approaches to combatting its damaging effects.

With LEGEND’s support, TI national chapters in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Zambia contributed to increasing awareness and acknowledgment of land corruption. Working with investigative journalists, we researched land corruption cases and highlighted local community residents’ concerns about land issues. A digital land acquisition platform was developed to document, visualize and popularise information on land acquisition procedures and regulations. Coupled with easy-to-access handbooks on land acquisition processes, an increasing number of men and women in the these countries is or will be better informed about their land rights, and be empowered to address and challenge injustices related to land corruption.
One of the key publications (link is external) developed during the programme is ‘ Understanding Land Corruption as a Basis for Prevention: Findings from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Zambia’. Its research findings are intended to inform policymaking and the design of targeted interventions to detect and prevent corruption over land in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zambia and beyond.