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Community / Land projects / Land Governance Assessment Frameworks (Completed)

Land Governance Assessment Frameworks (Completed)

Land Governance Assessment Frameworks (Completed)


01/12 - 01/18


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This list of countries is where an Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) has been COMPLETED.

The LGAF is a diagnostic tool that is implemented at the local level in a collaborative fashion, that addresses the need for guidance to diagnose and benchmark land governance, and that is intended to help countries prioritize reforms and monitor progress over time.

The instrument focuses on five key thematic areas identified as major areas for policy intervention in the land sector: the Legal and Institutional Framework ; Land Use Planning, Management, and Taxation ; Management and Public Land ; Public Provision of Land Information ; Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management.

Each specific theme holds a range of indicators that are ranked to measure performance. Based on these performances, countries are able to identify and prioritize areas in need of reform.