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Community / Land projects / LANDET- Local to Global Advocacy

LANDET- Local to Global Advocacy


01/23 - 04/24


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This proposal intends to directly contribute to the fulfilment of Agenda 2030 targets 1.4 on equal rights to economic resources andbasic services including land ownership; 2.2 on doubling agricultural productivity through secure and equal access and other productive resources and 5.a on undertaking reforms to give women equal rights to economic resources. It also contributes to Principle 4 of the VGGT on gender equality as well as AU Declaration on land issues and challenges in Africa that promote WLRs. At the national level, the Constitution and Land Act provide for equality and property rights, the National Land policy and the strategy for its implementation, National gender policy all these national frameworks work towards the fulfilment of the aspirations of the regional and international frameworks. The periodic reporting that is usually conducted at local level on the country’s adherence to the international standards. Partner Activities • Integration training of Gender Action Learning System into women’s land rights and transformative leadership. • Training of grassroots women councillors to strengthen their voice and agency in advancing women’s land rights Using the GALS methodology. • National-level advocacy with the Uganda Parliamentarian Land Management Forum (UPLMF) on their mandate to advance the women’s land rights agenda. • Record podcasts and keep playing them on radio stations for awareness creation on women’s land and natural resource rights. • Organise the international day of the Rural woman and 16 days of activism to amplify the grassroots women’s voices in highlighting their lived realities • Launch the report on the analyses of grassroots organising (conducted in the previous grant)

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