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Construction works in Skjern River nature restoration project, Denmark
10 juin 2020
Marije Louwsma
Morten Hartvigsen
Maxim Gorgan
Europe occidentale

The increasing number of salmon in the Skjern River in Denmark is a positive sign, as the Danish salmon is the only strain of wild salmon left in Danish rivers. Before the Skjern River Nature Restoration Project, the salmon had almost gone extinct owing to the state of the environment. The project area now offers ideal conditions for flora and fauna and has already acquired great natural value. In fact, it has already grown into a bird site of national importance.

9 mars 2020
Europe occidentale

Date : 26 février 2020

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Par: Jean-Marcel Bouguereau

Il fut un temps où le Salon de l’agriculture était une fête : les paysans montaient à la capitale, on échangeait des expériences, on rivalisait dans des concours agricoles…

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