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18 février 2021
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  • Pour atteindre les objectifs en matière de climat et de biodiversité, réduire la pollution mortelle et atteindre les objectifs de développement durable, il faut que toute la société se mobilise pour la durabilité
  • Changer de vision du monde et placer la nature au cœur de la prise de décision est la clé pour parvenir à un changement transformateur
feux de forêt en russie
15 juillet 2020
Fédération de Russie

Source: Reporterre

Date: 04/07/2020

Dans la région arctique russe, les incendies de forêt deviennent incontrôlables. Plus de 8 millions d’hectares sont déjà partis en fumée en 2020, dans le sillage d’une année déjà record en 2019. Ces feux, qui dégradent la qualité de l’air, accélèrent le changement climatique.




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Pleiades Publishing is an international company that has been working in the Russian market since 1991.

Pleiades Publishing is a publishing company operating on the Russian market since 1991. The company carries out the important mission of publishing research works and distributing them in the international scientific community by producing English-language scientific journals in physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences. Many of the authors of the articles published are renowned scientists in Russia and abroad.

Resource Equity works to advance women’s rights to land and natural resources in order to promote women’s economic and social empowerment, and to reduce poverty while promoting lasting and equitable global development.

Transparent World

Transparent World is a non-profit and non-governmental partnership. Using space images it implements programs and projects for the scientific and applied environmental researches, education, design, tourism and study of local lore.

Nationalities Papers


Nationalities Papers  is the place to turn for cutting edge multidisciplinary work on nationalism, migration, diasporas, and ethnic conflict. The journal’s geographical emphasis is on Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Eurasia. Our mission is to feature both theoretical and empirical work, and review articles. We publish high-quality peer-reviewed articles from historians, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, as well as scholars from other fields.

Federation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies logo

The Federation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies was established by the collaboration of Soil Science Societies of four different countries which are Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in 2012. After 2016, Romania and Kyrgyzstan Soil Science Societies joined to FESSS. The primary goal of the Federation is to share knowledge on the most dynamic part of earth-soils and to "bridge the gap" between soil science, policy making, and public knowledge both nationally and internationally in the region.

Search for Common Ground (or SFCG) is an international non-profit organization operating in 36 countries whose mission is "to transform the way the world deals with conflict away from adversarial approaches toward cooperative solutions".

Founded in the 12th century, the Principality of Muscovy was able to emerge from over 200 years of Mongol domination (13th-15th centuries) and to gradually conquer and absorb surrounding principalities. In the early 17th century, a new ROMANOV Dynasty continued this policy of expansion across Siberia to the Pacific. Under PETER I (ruled 1682-1725), hegemony was extended to the Baltic Sea and the country was renamed the Russian Empire. During the 19th century, more territorial acquisitions were made in Europe and Asia.

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