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spéculation foncière

Au sens propre, la spéculation foncière serait l'acte d'acheter un terrain pour le revendre plus cher dans le futur. Communément, la spéculation foncière est le fait d'un propriétaire qui refuse de vendre sa terre, même a un prix supérieur a sa valeur d'usage, dans l'espoir d'une hausse future des prix.

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octobre 2015

Over the past twenty years, Uganda’s
population density has been increasing rapidly, placing
significant pressure on the use of land. Uganda now has a
population density of 194 persons per square kilometer of
arable land, compared to 80 in Kenya and 116 in Ghana. At

septembre 2015

This report on the assessment of land
governance in Brazil summarizes and discusses the results of
a series of standardized self-assessments of the land
governance situation in Brazil, conducted entirely by
Brazilian speakers. Therefore, these findings represent the

Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2014

The conversion of lands used for food crop production to other uses, the ongoing expansion of cultivated areas, and the situation of unused or under-used cropland in Cambodia needs to become closely regulated. The problem of unused and under-used agricultural lands being held for speculative purposes requires serious attention.

décembre 2014
Soudan du Sud

South Sudan is a new country of 10.5
million people that has just emerged from conflict and still
facing challenges with recovery and development. Although
economic disparities, political exclusion and deprivation in
the distribution of political and economic power between the

octobre 2014

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is one of the most
densely populated states in India with high rates of
poverty. The state is a major contributor to the
agricultural staples of the country and, at present, a large
percentage of the state s labor force is engaged in

août 2014

The objective of this paper is to
present a succinct and up-to-date review of the urban sector
in Egypt, with a focus on issues for which there is new
insight or emerging government interest. The two main themes
of the report are the challenges facing the urban sector and

août 2014
Macédoine du Nord

The present study examines the
challenges facing municipal governments in FYR Macedonia.
The introductory chapter provides some further context for
these developments, in terms of the challenges they pose
for urban areas and their governments. Chapter Two examines

juillet 2014

The World Bank's revised forest
policy came into being in 2002 and covers all types of
forests. It has the following key objectives: (i) harnessing
the potential of forests to reduce poverty in a sustainable
manner; (ii) integrating forests effectively into

juillet 2014

This history illustrates a number of
themes encountered in Swaziland that faces developing
countries and their external partners in Africa and beyond.
Firstly, the history relates the experience of a small and
comparatively insular country in addressing complex

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