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spéculation foncière

Au sens propre, la spéculation foncière serait l'acte d'acheter un terrain pour le revendre plus cher dans le futur. Communément, la spéculation foncière est le fait d'un propriétaire qui refuse de vendre sa terre, même a un prix supérieur a sa valeur d'usage, dans l'espoir d'une hausse future des prix.

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février 2014
Afrique occidentale

This paper presents a new type of land
market analysis relevant to cities with plural tenure
systems as in West Africa. The methodology hinges on a
systemic analysis of land delivery channels, which helps to
show how land is initially made available for circulation,

janvier 2014

Industrial parks are as popular as they
are controversial, in India and globally. At their best they
align infrastructure provision and agglomeration economies
to jolt industrial growth. More often, they generate
negative spill-overs, provide handouts, sit empty, or simply

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décembre 2013

The urban rural duality in the land administration policy in Kenya tends to create two land use development control models and, further, such policy results in two separate land transaction costs. In a situation where land values in the two locations may not vary significantly, such a variation in land transaction costs would lead to land speculation in the less costly zone.

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novembre 2013

Cities emerge from the spatial concentration of people and economic activities. But spatial concentration is not enough; the economic viability of cities depends on people, ideas, and goods to move rapidly across the urban area.

octobre 2013

Transitional shelter can play a crucial
role in housing reconstruction following a mega disaster.
Reconstruction of permanent housing cannot move forward
until a number of complex issues are settled, such as
relocation planning and removal of debris. Even after plans

octobre 2013

Risk-sensitive land use planning is
vital for sustainable economic development and effective
Disaster Risk Management (DRM). Urban development programs
should adopt risk-sensitive land use planning to encourage
resilient development guiding the growth of people, assets

août 2013

The book clarifies many policy, and
technical issues that confront resettlement policymakers,
and practitioners. It provides guidance on resettlement
design, implementation, and monitoring, and, it discusses
resettlement issues particular to development projects in

avril 2013

A decade ago in Mozambique, a stakeholder workshop where the need to improve access to industrial and commercial land as a means to encourage investment was a topic of discussion, a government official came up to.

mars 2013

The purpose of this study was to augment
the Bank's research on land markets and investigate key
land market issues in four case study cities in South and
East Asia. From the study results, the consultants have
attempted to determine whether or not certain policy

février 2013

This report evaluates the legal
framework for rural land rights, the regulations of rural
housing sites, the effects of land requisition on farmers
who lose land, and some selected issues affecting urban land
rights. The focus of this report is how to enhance property

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