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spéculation foncière

Au sens propre, la spéculation foncière serait l'acte d'acheter un terrain pour le revendre plus cher dans le futur. Communément, la spéculation foncière est le fait d'un propriétaire qui refuse de vendre sa terre, même a un prix supérieur a sa valeur d'usage, dans l'espoir d'une hausse future des prix.

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février 2013

A Country Environmental Analysis (CEA)
is a World Bank analytical tool used to integrate
environmental issues into development assistance strategies,
programs, and projects. To that end, the CEA synthesizes
environmental issues, highlights the environmental and

janvier 2013

Around the world, in both developed and
developing countries, policy makers use a variety of tools
to manage and accommodate urban growth and redevelopment.
Government officials have three main concerns in terms of
land policy: (i) accommodating urban expansion, (ii)

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septembre 2012
Viet Nam
Asie orientale

Vietnam's rapid and sustained economic growth and poverty reduction in the last two decades benefitted from the policy and legal reforms embodied in the Land Laws of 1987, 1993 and 2003 and subsequent related legal acts. This note outlines reforms related to four main themes.

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juillet 2012

The acquisition of land by foreigners in developing countries has emerged as a key mechanism for foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI is defined by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as the category of international investment that reflects the objective of a resident entity in one economy to obtain a lasting interest in an enterprise resident in another economy.

juin 2012
Viet Nam

Urbanization, which is almost completed
now in developed countries and even in Latin America, is now
proceeding in much of Asia at an unprecedented rate. Many of
the countries in the region have up to half their population
now living urban lifestyles and increasingly also living in

Rapports et recherches
Documents de politique et mémoires
mai 2012
Asie orientale

The body of this report consists of five sections. Section one is an introduction to the JBE program and the context for the lease research on Tanna. Section two provides a profile of some of the relevant historical and economic features of the island and aspects related to the structure of governance and civil society organization.

mai 2012
Afrique du Sud

This study analyzes the difficulties a
poor community experienced in accessing peri-urban land in
South Africa. This community, composed largely of laid-off
farm workers, wanted to buy their own farm in a peri-urban
area west of Johannesburg to establish a mixed-use

Rapports et recherches
mai 2012

Fiscal instruments are tools that governments use to manage revenue and expenditure and therefore influence the growth (or stability) of the various sectors of the economy. Government revenue is derived primarily through taxation. In Kenya, land taxation has contributed less than 1% of government revenue for the past three years. The Sessional Paper No.

avril 2012

Albania's radical farmland
distribution is credited with averting an economic crisis
and social unrest during the transition. But many believe it
led to a holding structure too fragmented to be efficient,
and that public efforts to consolidate plots are needed to

mars 2012
Viet Nam

As Vietnam enters a crucial period of
urbanization corresponding to its present stage of economic
development, the Government of Vietnam has placed strong
emphasis on developing its system of cities. In accordance
with this objective this Urbanization Review is dedicated to

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