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Une réforme consiste en la modification du droit existant, par décret ou par la promulgation d'une nouvelle loi. C'est une invention volontaire de l'Etat justifiée par des considérations techniques, économiques, doctrinales ou idéologiques

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Rapports et recherches
juillet 2007

A new DFID Policy Paper on land, divided into four sections: landmark issues (unequal distribution and insecure tenure); how secure access to land can promote shared growth; good governance � the vital ingredient in land reform; DFID’s approach to land issues.

Rapports et recherches
octobre 2006

Examines critical land issues and land related problems; the National Land Policy in the context of the national development agenda; global experiences and best practices in land reforms and implementing land policies, especially in post-conflict situations; implementation challenges; towards developing a comprehensive framework for implementing the NLP and the Organic Land Law (including a che

Rapports et recherches
mars 2006

Contains women’s rights and state-led agrarian and market based land reforms; reinstating the state; engendering customary tenure; rights of indigenous people and marginalised groups; human rights violations; HIV/AIDS; the ‘feminisation of agriculture’.

Rapports et recherches
janvier 2006

Recent UNRISD research finds that the new generation of land tenure reforms introduced in the 19990s is not necessarily more gender equitable than earlier efforts, even though women’s ability to gain independent access to land is increasingly on the statutes.

janvier 2006
Afrique du Sud
Afrique sub-saharienne

In Southern Africa, landlessness due to the asset alienation that occurred during colonial occupation has been acknowledged as one of several ultimate causes of chronic poverty. Land redistribution is often seen as a powerful tool in the fight against poverty in areas where a majority of people are rural-based and make a living mostly, if not entirely, off the land.

Rapports et recherches
décembre 2005

Senior food and agriculture officials from China and OECD countries met in Paris for discussions on domestic and trade policy issues in June 2005. The meeting assessed the challenges facing the agriculture and agri-food sectors of China as an increasingly important player in the global trading system.

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19 novembre 2019
Afrique septentrionale

Date: 13 novembre 2019

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La mobilisation du foncier agricole est confrontée à plusieurs contraintes, notamment le morcellement excessif des terres induisant l’exiguïté des exploitations agricoles.