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Provincial Lands Act, 2016 (S.S. 2016, c. P-31.1).

Décembre, 2015

This new Provincial Lands Act aims to modernize the legislative framework and provide better environmental. In particular, the Act provides for better protection for Crown land by investing the government with the ability to respond and take action when land is being misused, such as issuing immediate stop work orders. Furthermore, the framework for the Ministry of Agriculture Crown leases shall be used as security; and the time period of certain long-term leases where significant investments are possible, such as wind power development shall be increased.

Land Titles Plans Regulations (Y.O.I.C. 2016/109).

Décembre, 2015

The present Regulation is made under the Land Titles Act, 2015. In particular, the Regulation provides for the correct and efficient enforcement of the aforementioned Act. Section 2 establishes that the present Regulation applies in respect of the following plans: a) an air space plan; b) a condominium plan; c) an explanatory plan; d) a plan of subdivision; e) a sketch; f) a compiled plan; and g) any other plan of survey.

Lower Austria Building Ordinance 2014.

Janvier, 2015

The present Ordinance implements the Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources of 23 April 2009. In particular, the Law lays down provisions relating to building technology and building equipment, as well as to special environmental, health and energy requirements of buildings. Furthermore, the Law also applies to parcel of lands and other constructions and facilities subject to requirements of the present Law.

Egypt Public Land Management Strategy : Volume 1. Policy Note

Août, 2014

The main objective of the Egypt Public
Land Management Strategy is to provide the Government of
Egypt (GOE) with practical and politically feasible policy
recommendations to reform existing public land management
policies and practices in the aim of improving the business
climate in Egypt. This study is presented in two volumes:
Volume one with the main policy note, supported by Volume
two with background notes on access to public land by

Land Law No. 45/2013/QH13.

Juin, 2014
Viet Nam

This Law prescribes for the land ownership, powers and responsibilities of the State in representing the entire-people ownership of land and uniformly managing land, the land management and use regimes, and the rights and obligations of land users over the land in the territory of Vietnam. The persons taking responsibility before the State for land use are: 1. The head of an organization, a foreign organization with diplomatic functions, or a foreign invested enterprise, is responsible for the land use by his/her organization. 2.


Reports & Research
Juillet, 2013

The Cadastral system in Kenya was established in 1903 to support land alienation for the white settlers who had come into the country in the early part of the 20th Century. In the last hundred years, the system has remained more or less the same, where land records are kept in paper format and majority of operations are carried out on a manual basis. The lack of a modern cadastral system has contributed to problems in land administration in the country.

Land Tenure for Social and Economic Inclusion in Yemen : Issues and Opportunities

Février, 2013

The report, Land Tenure for Social and
Economic Inclusion in Yemen: Issues and Opportunities was
completed in December 2009. The report addresses the
problems of land ownership in Yemen and the various social
and economic problems associated with the system of land
ownership. Property rights under Yemeni Law are expressed
both in custom and statute, but both are informed by shari a
(Islamic law), which provides the basic property categories

Land Reform (Amendment) Act 2013 (No. 31 of 2013).

Décembre, 2012

This Act amends the Land Reform Act by addition of provisions (replacing sections 6,7 and 8) concerning, among other things; the certification of negotiator of land rights or land disputes of custom land owners; the identification of custom owners or disputing groups by the National Coordinator; consultation with the custom owners; procedures of the negotiation process including a custom owners’ consultation report; consent to a negotiated lease; notification of intention to register lease instrument; appointment of the Land Ombudsman; lodging of complaints with the Land Ombudsman; function