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modèle conceptuel d'administration du territoire

a reference model that serves two goals: provide an extensible basis for the development and refinement of efficient and effective land administration systems, based on a Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

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Malaysian Land Administration Domain Model Country Profile
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août 2015

Land administration is a process of recording and disseminating information about the association between people and land. To administer land matters in Malaysia, the Department of Surveying and Mapping Malaysia uses eKadaster and Land Office has eTanah which are different in e-Systems.

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juillet 2012

75% or the “people to land relationships” worldwide are not documented. This concerns about 4.5 billion cases. With a growing population this situation results in land disputes, land grabbing and neglecting of rights of local people. Land Administration provides documentation on people to land relationships.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
juillet 2012

Historically, the people of Mozambique have faced oppression and social spatial segregation and responded in a way that has reinforced rather than dismantled their traditional values.

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