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praticien du foncier

People actively engaged in any aspect of land governance

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GIZ (2019) Training manual for land governance practitioners in Teso Uganda
Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
août 2019

The need to strengthen the capacity of CSOs, DLOs, ICU and partners working on land governance in Teso has become obvious if harmonisation of the customary and formal land management systems is to be realised. This is expected to enable a coordinated and systematic approach with one voice.

Manuels et directives
décembre 2015
République-Unie de Tanzanie

The Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights has created four new practice guides, which are practical resources for development practitioners, researchers, lawyers, advocates, and scholars to assess the situation for women’s land rights in three countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Documents et rapports de conférence
décembre 2015

As the world’s population continues to rise, there is
an ever increasing demand for our land to produce
a diverse range of products such as food, timber,
and fuel. Our growing need for these goods is
leading to higher levels of competition between
different land uses and, as a result, land users. Not
only is the quantity of land available for production

Rapports et recherches
juin 2010

A guide targeted at humanitarians, land professionals and government officials. Includes understanding land issues after natural disasters, land and the initial response, land and key humanitarian sectors, land as a cross-cutting issue, operations timeline: who does what when?, monitoring and evaluation, conclusions and recommendations.

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