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rénovation des quartiers de taudis

A process through which informal areas are gradually improved, formalised and incorporated into the city itself, through extending land, services and citizenship to slum dwellers.

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décembre 2021

This course includes self-paced e-learning training modules which present descriptive and practical step-by-step guidance on how to compute SDG 11+ indicators. It is aimed at strengthening national and city capacities in collecting, analyzing, and monitoring the urban SDG indicators.

Informal settlements and access to data in the time of COVID: a case for sharing data for decision making
Rapports et recherches
novembre 2020
Afrique australe

The spread of COVID-19 in South Africa and other countries in the region has again brought to the fore the fact that very dense, under-serviced, mostly informal, settlements are not healthy places to live. They are also places where the spread of a disease is difficult to prevent or manage.

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mars 2018

The housing sector including its institutions, laws and regulations, touches every single aspect of the economy of a country and has interface with practically every social development sector. People living in adequate homes have better health, higher chances to improve their human capital and seize the opportunities available in urban contexts.

Sofia Mahmood
Rapports et recherches
mars 2017
Amérique du Sud
A adaptação da arquitetura e do urbanismo ao clima local significa proporcionar aos indivíduos ambientes confortáveis termicamente e trazer bem-estar para população. Tendo em vista o clima tropical quente e úmido da cidade do Recife, deve-se buscar nessa região, ambientes ventilados e sombreados para amenizar a sensação de calor existente.
Rapports et recherches
Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
juin 2015

This report aims to extract lessons on slum upgrading and involuntary resettlement policies and practices learned from the process of addressing the Badia East case, which involved complex interactions between affected people, NGOs, the Bank and Lagos State Government.

Rapports et recherches
août 2013
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

This book talks about participation,
from the first to the last page. And that is its strength,
for participation is a road leading to democracy. The true
participation it talks about does not rely on hours of
compulsory labor or imposed levies; there is nothing forced

Rapports et recherches
juin 2012

Slum upgrading programs are being used by national and city governments in many countries to improve the welfare of households living in slum and squatter settlements. These programs typically include a combination of improvements in neighborhood infrastructure, land tenure, and building quality.

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