Changes of forest coverage and land uses as assessed by the inventory of land uses in Italy | Land Portal

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juillet 2012
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The paper presents the IUTI program, a land use inventory of Italy, based on point sampling. It has been carried out to support the National Carbon Sink Accounting Register and it was realized within the framework of the Italian National Remote Sensing Plan managed by the Italian Ministry of Environment. IUTI has monitored the land use and land use change and forestry in the last two decades over the country at the years 1990, 2000, 2008, adopting a tessellated stratified sampling scheme with about 1.2 million sample points on aerial orthophotos. Following definitions, methods and inventory procedures, the main results are discussed. They show the heavy changes affecting surface and distribution of the various classes for arable lands, forests and urban areas.

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Marchetti M
Bertani R
Corona P
Valentini R


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