Forest discourses and the role of planning-related perspectives: the case of Sweden | Land Portal

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décembre 2016
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Forest use in Sweden may be seen as constituting an essentially conflicted area, in which a number of actors position themselves. Based on a review of policy documents, this study reviews discourses on forest amongst major organisational actors between 2001 and 2011, with the aim of discussing the ways in which discourse may have changed following increasing criticism of the previously dominating production paradigm during the period. The study also discusses the ways in which forest discourses at present may also exclude areas that are relevant to forest planning. Results illustrates the continuous role of, on the one hand, production and private ownership discourses among the forest industry, and, on the other, conservation and public access discourses, among environmental and other NGOs. Large differences thus continue to exist despite the double aim towards production and protection in Swedish forest law. Areas that are not directly related to this nexus although related to land use at large, such as municipal planning, on the other hand, are largely absent from discourse even if, for instance, shore planning and wind power issues that are related to municipal planning are taken up.

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Laszlo Ambjörnsson, Emmeline
Keskitalo, E. Carina H.
Karlsson, Svante


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