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décembre 2002
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Seven potential anuran breeding sites within Western Sydney were sampled between March and August 1997 to assess the effect of habitat disturbance upon species assemblages. The greatest species diversity and abundance was recorded in relatively less human impacted areas, than in more disturbed sites. Of the seven species recorded to chorus during cooler months, only Limnodynastes peronii successfully breed and only in disturbed sites. The species was also more abundant in such areas than more pristine habitat. Oviposition time influenced larval growth rate, although there was no defined trend over time. Intra-clutch variation in weight achieved (over 10 weeks) was greater than among clutches. Ability to take advantage of breeding habitat that is sub-optimal for other species, the ability to breed year around and larval growth plasticity have apparently pre-adapted this species to thrive in urban impacted habitat, in contrast to most local endemic species.

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Schell, C. B. Shelley Burgin

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