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Bibliothèque Forestry Act (No. 4 of 1997).

Forestry Act (No. 4 of 1997).

Forestry Act (No. 4 of 1997).

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Avril 1997
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This Act provides for the management and conservation of forestry resources in Malawi. The Act is made up of 87 sections, divided into 13 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Forest Management Board (III); Forest Reserves and Protected Forest Areas (IV); Customary Land Forest (V) ; Afforestation (VI); Forest Protection (VII); Utilization of Forest Produce in Forest Reserves and Customary Land (VIII); Establishment of Forest Development and Management Fund (IX); Offences and Penalties (X); International Co-Operation in Forestry (XI); Regulations (XIII); Repeal and Savings (XIV).The principal areas covered by this Act are participatory forestry, forest management, forestry research, forestry education, forest industries, protection and rehabilitation of environmentally fragile areas, sustainable use of forest products, agroforestry, strengthening of institutions, trafficking in forestry produce, biodiversity conservation, establishment of a forestry administration.

Amended by: Forestry (Amendment) Act, 2017 (No. 5 of 2017). (2017-01-20)

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