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Bibliothèque Land Act 1969.

Land Act 1969.

Land Act 1969.
An Act provide for the control and tenure of land, the survey of land, the registration of title to land and other like purposes.

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This Act consists of 54 sections divided into 5 Parts: Registration (I); Investigation of Title (II); Alienation of Niuean Land (III); Surveys (IV); Miscellaneous Provisions (V).There shall be kept in the Land Registry a Land Register of Niuen and Crown land. Every instrument affecting or relating to the title to any land shall be registered, except titles specified in section 4. The Land Court or the Land Appellate Court shall determine every title to and every interest in Niuean land according to the customs and usages of the Niuean people, as far as the same can be ascertained (sect. 10). No Niuean land or any interest of the Mangafaoa therein may be alienated except in accordance with and subject to the provisions of section 17.

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