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Bibliothèque Vegetation Management Act 1999.

Vegetation Management Act 1999.

Vegetation Management Act 1999.
An Act about the management of vegetation on freehold land.

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The Act concerns the management of vegetation on freehold land, it consists of 123 sections and is divided into 6 Parts. Section 3 establishes the purposes of the Act as follows: (1) to regulate the clearing of vegetation in a way that: (a) conserves remnant vegetation that is: (i)an endangered regional ecosystem; or (ii)an of concern regional ecosystem; or (iii)a least concern regional ecosystem; and (b)conserves vegetation in declared areas; and (c)ensures the clearing does not cause land degradation; and (d)prevents the loss of biodiversity; and (e)maintains ecological processes; and (f)manages the environmental effects of the clearing to achieve the matters mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (e); and (g)reduces greenhouse gas emissions; and (h)allows for sustainable land use. (2)The purpose is achieved mainly by providing for: (a)codes for the Planning Act relating to the clearing of vegetation that are applicable codes for the assessment of vegetation clearing pplications under IDAS; and (b)the enforcement of vegetation clearing provisions; and (c)declared areas; and (d)a framework for decision making that, in achieving this Act’s purpose in relation to subsection (1)(a) to (e), applies the precautionary principle that lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing a measure to prevent degradation of the environment if there are threats of serious or irreversible environmental damage; and (e)the phasing out of broadscale clearing of remnant vegetation by 31 December 2006; and (f)the regulation of particular regrowth vegetation.Part 2 is dedicated to vegetation management, defines what is vegetation, provides for regional vegetation management plans, for the clearing of vegetation and for declarations, to be prepared by the Minister, that an area is of high nature conservation value or vulnerable to land degradation. Part 3 covers enforcement, investigations and offences and regulates the powers of officers under the Act. Part 4 concerns appeals and legal proceedings. Part 5 provides for the establishment of advisory committees and of regional vegetation management committees to advice the Minister about vegetation management.

Implemented by: Vegetation Management Regulation, 2000. (2011-08-01)
Implemented by: Vegetation Management Regulation 2012. (2018-05-18)

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