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décembre 2011
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Marsabit County is situated in the northern part of Kenya, bordering the Republic of Ethiopia to the north and Lake Turkana to the west. With approximately 66,000 square kilometres of which 4,956 km2 are covered by Lake Turkana, the foremost part of Marsabit County is an extensive plain which lies between 300m and 900m above sea level. It is characterized by a population density averaging 2 persons per km2 and a distribution varying between 1 person up to 22 persons per km2, depending on the scarcity of water as well as the amount of permanent and semi-permanent settlements. Moreover, with rainfalls between 200 and 1000mm a year, with high elevation areas receiving a larger amount of rainfall, Marsabit is located in the driest region of the country. It is notable to say that the area that lies below 700m above sea level accounts for approximately 75% of its total land area, and is mainly composed of poor soils as well as vegetation consisting generally of thorn shrubs. Therefore, the land has low agricultural potential and thus predominantly supports livestock and wildlife.

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Fernando Garduno Jänz; Eunice Obala and Andreas Jenet



Somos una asociación formada por personas que creemos en la necesidad de cambiar el sistema agroalimentario actual, que oprime y expulsa a las comunidades rurales, y destruye  el medio ambiente. Este cambio pasa por la consecución de la Soberanía Alimentaria.

VISIÓN: La consecución de una sociedad justa, equitativa y solidaria, a través del ejercicio de una solidaridad responsable y respetuosa.

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