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Résultats de la recherche

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    février, 1951
    Sierra Leone

    An Ordinance to Provide for and regulate the Survey of Lands and the Licensing of Surveyors.

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    avril, 1951
    Sierra Leone

    An Ordinance to make provision against third party risks arising out of the use of motor vehicles.

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    juin, 1951

    This Act governs the leasing of farm land.The amount of rent from farm land shall not exceed 37.5 per cent of the total annual harvest of the principal product of its main crops. It shall be reduced to 37.5 per cent if the originally agreed rent is more than 37.5 per cent. It shall not be increased to 37.5 per cent if the originally agreed rent is less than 37.5 per cent.The Municipal or County (City) Government and the Village (Township,City, District) Office shall respectively set up the Farm Land Tenancy Committee.

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    janvier, 1952

    The Act declares the Conveyancing Act, 1911 of the United Kingdom to be applicable to Malawi. The Act shall, however, not apply to land registered in accordance with the Registered Land Act. In the application of the said Act to Malawi, references therein to “the court” shall be construed as references to the High Court of Malawi.

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    décembre, 1951

    An Act to provide for the acquisition by the State of the interests of rent-receivers and certain other interests in land in Bangladesh and to define the law relating to tenancies to be held under the State after such acquisition and other matters connected therewith.

    It is notable that after independence from the British Colony in 1947, the government of Pakistan enacted the laws in line with the demand of Bangladesh peoples. As a result the regime of land lord has been destroyed by this act in Pakistan.  

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    Législation et politiques
    août, 1951

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