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    janvier, 1991
    Afrique, Afrique sub-saharienne

    This article uses cross-sectional evidence from Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda in 1987–88 to examine the question, Are indigenous land rights systems in Sub-Saharan Africa a constraint on productivity? The evidence supports the hypothesis suggested by historical studies, that African indigenous land rights systems have spontaneously evolved from systems of communal control towards individualized rights in response to increases in commercialization and population pressure.

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    janvier, 1992
    Ghana, Rwanda

    Farm fragmentation, in which a household operates more than one separate parcel of land, is a common phenomenon in Sub-Saharan Africa. Concerned by the perceived costs of fragmented as opposed to consolidated holdings, several countries have implemented land consolidation programs. But these interventions overlook the benefits that land fragmentation can offer farmers in managing risk, in overcoming seasonal labor bottlenecks, and in better matching soil types with necessary food crops.

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