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    août, 2014
    Ghana, Nigéria

    In Big Men, director Rachel Boynton has achieved a tour-de-force of documentary filmmaking. Taking a large, complex and much-contested phenomenon -- the oil business as it is conducted in under-developed countries such as Ghana and Nigeria -- she has crafted an edge-of-your-seat, character-driven drama that is also a clear and enlightening film about the global dealings behind petroleum, a crucial resource that touches everyone's life.

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    avril, 2016
    Asia du sud-est, Cambodge




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    avril, 2015
    Sierra Leone


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    mai, 2019
    Sierra Leone

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    juin, 2019
    Ouzbékistan, Asie central

    In Uzbekistan, where agriculture is an important source of income for rural population, land degradation is a major challenge for the environment and the food security. The traditional focus of rainfed agriculture on production of grains with intensive mechanical soil tillage leads to depletion and loss of topsoil. Growing legume crops like chickpeas, can improve the soils.

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    décembre, 2015
    Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Tadjikistan, Turkménistan, Ouzbékistan, Asie central

    Animated demonstration of practical experience from a farmer perspective to establish pistachio farm in south of Kyrgyzstan. The script for the video was developed by the farmer himself leading step by step through his experience to learn about pistachio and experience of establishing pistachio farm on rangelands previously used for grazing.

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    janvier, 2016
    Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Tadjikistan, Turkménistan, Ouzbékistan, Asie central

    Video is animated infographic describing rangelands of Central Asia, their conditions, issues, degradation factors. The video also demonstrates ways of sustainable management.

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    novembre, 2017

    Under the Economics of Land degradation initiative (ELD), scientists from ICARDA are collaborating with developments to develop the GeOC tool. It is a new web-based GIS tool to define context specific options for sustainable land management required to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN).
    This video illustrates the interface of the SLM tool of the GeOC tool.
    To check the GeOC tool, please follow this link: http://geoc.mel.cgiar.org

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