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In Colombia’s post-conflict context, access to land and tenure security are still a cause of many conflicts and inequalities. Especially Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities are amongst the most vulnerable groups in Colombia. Their land tenure insecurity has a negative effect on the possibilities for livelihood improvements, and on the protection of natural resources within their territories.

Project objective

The project aims to contribute to filling the Multipurpose cadastre with information about land titles and natural resources of indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, which is obtained in a fair, efficient and effective manner, and to create security for the communities to invest in sustainable income generating activities in those areas. Combining improved tenure security with income generating activities and protecting natural resources results in an integrated approach, tackling multiple issues at the same time.

Project strategies

- Improved tenure security through mapping 3 different communities using the Fit for Purpose method

- Mapping possible income generating activities together with the communities and looking for external financing

- Mapping natural resources together with the communities: how to protect or use them sustainably      

- Share this integrated approach with government, donors, financial institutions throughout the project in order to guarantee upscaling and to improve the Multi-purpose Cadastre

Project outputs: 
Library Resource
Visions and expectations of young people in the municipality of Solano Caquetá, Colombia
Rapports et recherches
octobre, 2023

Solano is a municipality located in the department of Caquetá within the deforestation arc of the Colombian Amazon, the second largest municipality in area of the country. Solano can only be reached by river, although there are already several trails that allow to reach the municipal’s capital by car at certain times of the year.


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