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décembre 2017
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The research Activity “Improvement of water productivity and adaptation to climate change through the development of integrated inputs (water and nitrogen) management options” was launched in 2015, and implemented by ICARDA in Morocco, in the frame of the Project titled “Sustainability and Operationalization of Established Regional Agricultural Research Centers in Five Arab Countries”, which was granted by the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (AFESD).
Under this research Activity an experiment was started in 2016/2017 at Merchouch station (Morocco), addressing the response of different genotypes of Bread Wheat to no tillage.
This study, titled “Response of bread wheat genotypes to no tillage: no tillage treatment effects on soil physical health”, is linked to that experiment. The study is aimed at exploring methods to assess tillage impact on soil physics by means of a literature review and of targeted field tests. This report summarizes the results of the literature review.

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Zucca, Claudio Nangia, Vinay Montanaro, Gianni Belabhir, Afaf

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