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Community Organizations Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie)
Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie)
Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie)
Non Governmental organization
Phone number
+31(0)20 6262 620


Nieuwe Looiersstraat 31
Postal address
Postbox 19199
1000 GD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Working languages

Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) is a successful Dutch environmental organization. People from all over the Netherlands work together with Milieudefensie to create a fairer and more sustainable country. We have a significant influence on governing bodies and businesses in the decisions they make.



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Capacity development in the National Directorate of Land (DINAT), Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Deve


The project main objective is to support the Mozambican land authorities in Land Administration practices with next specific areas of attention:• The nation-wide land regularisation program towards registering 5 million land rights;• Maintenance of the Land Registration in Mozambique;• Organisational issues in Mozambican land authorities;• ICT and ICT-infrastructure;• Overall capacity Building.

LAND-at-scale Uganda: Scaling up community-based land registration and land use planning on customary land


Uganda wants to transform from a predominantly low-income agricultural economy to a modern and prosperous country in 2040. Land is widely recognized as a pivotal element of Uganda’s economic and social transformation, as evidenced by the government ambition to improve tenure security, and systematically title all land by 2040. For this purpose, a modern legal framework for land governance has been created. Until now, implementation of the existing law and policy to improve tenure security of customary land in a way that both accessible (low cost), context sensitive and flexible is limited. Meanwhile, the urgency is growing as Uganda’s population is increasing rapidly, creating increasing pressure on land and an associated increasing number of land related disputes. Also, productivity of land in Uganda is lagging and land use needs to become more climate change resilient.Therefore, the project aims to contribute to the development of a structured and scalable approach towards improved tenure security and sustainable land use for men, women and youth on customary land, which is obtained using fit-for-purpose and participatory tools and approaches.The specific objectives are: 1) Improved tenure security for men, women and youth.2) Inclusive, climate smart and sustainable land use planning.3) Improved capacities and awareness of key land stakeholders on customary land registration and land use planning.

Inception mission Kadaster International


The project purpose for this formulation phase is twofold: 1. To assess the opportunities for cooperation between Kadaster International, the Bangladeshi Land Record and Survey Department, the Char Development and Settlement Project and Uttaran based on a solid exploration of the several requests received. 2. To indicate priorities for (technical) assistance whereby Kadaster International can best share its knowledge and experience and further develop tools and methods for inclusive land administration worldwide.