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2 July 2019
Second Call for Panels, Papers and Posters Joint XXIV International Grassland Congress and XI International Rangeland Congress Deadline:  01/10/2019
2 May 2019
We cannot talk about traditional knowledge without talking about the right to land, territories and resources – for us, it is ecosystem-based and language-based – they are linked to each other, environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim told Landscape News.
1 May 2019
Kenya is experiencing changes in its weather patterns. This includes changes in temperatures and wind and rainfall patterns – particularly shifts in the timing and length of rainy seasons. This has led to more droughts and floods. These changes have increased the vulnerability of pastoralists
28 February 2019
The latest report from Mokoro's WOLTS project team is the product of rigorous field research in a third Mongolian community, in collaboration with the Mongolian NGO, People Centered Conservation (PCC). The report addresses critical issues at the intersection of gender, land, mining and pastoralism
28 November 2018
A herder in Kenya's northern Laikipia was shot dead last week when police tried to confiscate his cattle NAIROBI - Renewed invasions of white-owned ranches by herders in Kenya's northern Laikipia region a year after similar invasions led to deadly conflicts is a sign of cracks in the country's
26 November 2018
The promise of instant cash meant developers were able to tempt Maasai to sell their ancestral land, often far below market value KAJIADO, Kenya - Five years after Naponi Taiko's husband died, his relatives chased her and the couple's two children off their parcel of land in southern Kenya.
22 September 2018
Pastoralists manage land in way that keeps carbon in soil instead of releasing climate-changing emissions, experts say TURIN, Italy - Nomadic herders across Africa can work in tandem with farmers and produce sustainable food without damaging the land or harming the planet, experts and
12 September 2018
NAIROBI (Landscapes News) – Rangelands cover almost half the world’s land surface. Consisting mainly of grasses, and plants, they have often been considered barren lands that should be converted to agriculture.
16 July 2018
In the hills of northern Sikkim in northeast India, the Drokpa community live peaceful yet difficult lives. The hills resound with the songs the Drokpas have for every activity. These are not your usual villagers who reside in the same place for decades and have a set source of livelihood. Rather,
7 May 2018
As climate-driven drought takes hold, Mongolia's nomads are retreating to the city - and facing choking pollution ULAANBAATAR - With about 100 sheep and goats, Jugder Samdan makes just enough to scrape by as a nomadic herder in Mongolia, basking in the sun as he watches over his animals, but he
17 April 2018
BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in India, that has triggered massive protests, highlights nomadic tribes’ vulnerability and lack of land rights, activists said. According to the police, the girl was kidnapped, gang raped and killed in the
15 February 2018
Rangelands are land areas with indigenous vegetation, including grass and shrubs, and used as a natural ecosystem for grazing livestock and wildlife. Rangelands occupy nearly half of the world’s land surface and include more than a third of global biodiversity hotspots, as well as habitat for 28%

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