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negotiated land reform

Reform that uses the land market as a vehicle for redistributing land, but in which the state plays an important role in providing funds (e.g., through grants and or loans) for poor farmers to purchase land.

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18 November 2021
South Africa

Dr Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Associate Professor in the Discipline of Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki  has recently reviewed a new book by one of South Africa's leading legal minds and land analysts Tembeka Ngcukaitobi . His review of Land Mattters: South Africa's Failed Land Reforms and the Road Ahead appears in the LSE Review of Books.

What the Commission of Inquiry into Ancestral Land Rights and Restitution Claims Found
17 May 2021

The restitution of ancestral land rights in Namibia has since independence divided opinions.

Some argue it is a fitting process in dealing with colonial era land dispossessions, while others are concerned about the complexity of implementing this kind of restitution.

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Green
27 November 2017
South Africa

Dynamic country portfolios combine detailed narratives with Linked Open Data to provide comprehensive overviews of land governance systems

14 April 2017
South Africa

Putting land at the heart of radical economic transformation – a perspective from the ground


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