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Key lesson 2: Recognize & Document Legitimate Tenure Rights

Legitimate tenure rights, both in and around project sites, need to be recognised, documented and as far as possible, secured at the start of an investment process. If rights are not documented, then companies will not know whose land rights are likely to be affected or whom to consult.

A LEGEND case study on land rights mapping and documentation explains the practical approaches applied in pilot projects to understand and map customary land rights and tenure systems, and the use of low-cost digital tools to document and  certify communities’ and households’ land rights, including those of women,  in different types of social and investment contexts.  Highlights include::

Securing collective group rights and participatory land use planning provides a foundation for new natural resource -based community businesses as in the pilot projects implemented by Micaia in Mozambique and VSF-B in Tanzania

Additional resources and lessons learned from the pilot projects:


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