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The Manuals and Guidelines-resource type on the Land Portal brings together all the types of resources that aim to provide some sort of capacity building or learning-functions. Different terminologies are used by different organizations and institutions, such as frameworks, how-to-documents, guides, manuals, guidelines and general principles.

Manuals & Guidelines
August 2019

Date: Août 2019 

Source: FarmlandgrabCCSI

Guide to Organizing and Working with Community-based Paralegals
Manuals & Guidelines
Training Resources & Tools
July 2019

This manual is intended to be a practical learning aid and helpful reference guide for community-based paralegals and organizations running community-based paralegal programs.

It shows how paralegals equip people to know law, use law, and shape law. It closes with a chapter on how organizations can best support the work of paralegals, including recruitment, payment, and training. 

Manuals & Guidelines
October 2014

Recent developments have seen forest landscape restoration (FLR) become widely recognized as an important means of not only restoring ecological integrity at scale but also generating additional local-to-global benefits.

Manuals & Guidelines
May 2017

This is the user guide of the The Global Geo-Informatics Options by Context (GeOC) tool. The Global Geo-informatics Context and Options (GeCO) is a new web-based GIS tool that enables its users to define, monitor, assess and co-create knowledge and learning on relevant Sustainable Land Management (SLM) options that match the social-ecological context at global, regional and national scales

Manuals & Guidelines
June 2018
South-Eastern Asia

Participatory land-use planning (PLUP) refers to a bottom-up method of analyzing land and water resources. In its current form, PLUP integrates inputs about climate change and sea level rise to help the community utilize the resources within its vicinities.

Manuals & Guidelines
December 2017

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