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The multimedia category is fairly self-explanatory in the sense that it contains all non-bibliographic resources that exist in the Land Library. This can vary from videos, maps, audio files, infographics and even website descriptions.

December 2002

In Mwanza district, Malawi, thirteen villages have, for the last five years, been involved in a project to make fruit juice from indigenous species - Baobab and Tamarind. As a result people in the area are now planting more indigenous trees, rather than cutting them for charcoal and firewood.

November 2013

Les adventices sont des contraintes majeures pour la production rizicole. Une gestion efficiente des adventices peut accroître les rendements de plus de 50 %, mais elle nécessite généralement beaucoup de temps. Il est de ce fait utile que les producteurs investissent dans des outils de gestion des adventices permettant d’économiser la main-d’œuvre.

December 2001
Southern Africa

As cities expand to cover farmland with roads and buildings, the conflict between traditional land rights, and modern systems of ownership and distribution become very clear. This report comes from Blantyre in Malawi, where city authorities now charge rent on land that was once freely owned.

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