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This category includes resources on different types of tools and strategies to address land governance issues as well as training packages. Documents that support actors working on land-related organizations are also included in this category. This category is more specific and directly action-focused than the Manuals and Guidelines category.

Training Resources & Tools
December 2001

The interviews in this pack explore a range of views on the meaning and value of the right to water. Some governments have included a right to water in their national constitution, but how meaningful is this?

Training Resources & Tools
December 2010

This training manual is intended for scientists and students who work with biodiversity data and are interested in developing skills to effectively carry out spatial analysis based on (free) GIS applications with a focus on diversity and ecological analyses.

Training Resources & Tools
December 2002
Middle Africa
Western Africa

The Kuri cattle breed is found on the shores and islands of Lake Chad. Its main habitat is in southern Chad and north-eastern Nigeria but the breed is also found in northern Cameroon, in Niger and, to a limited extent, in the Central African Republic. The Kuri are also known as the Baharie, Bare, Borrie, Boudouma, Dongolé, Koubouri, Buduma or White Lake Chad.

Training Resources & Tools
December 2014
Sub-Saharan Africa
Eastern Africa

The manual was created specifically for use in the Western Kenya Smallholder Agricultural Carbon project, managed by the Swedish NGO Vi Agroforestry, which is the test case for the first Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) methodology for generating carbon credits by building organic matter in agricultural soils.

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